Vintage Rude Map Cards

Britain is awash with extraordinary place names, as anyone from Lumps of Garryhorn, Nempnett Thurbwell or Nether Wallop (to choose but three) will be well aware.
rudeCardCassini has decided that some of these are so spectacularly rude that they deserve wider publicity; and, to prove that they’ve existed for years and that they are real names, we’ve located each of them on a historical map and turned them into a unique set of greeting cards.

The cards were first seen at this year’s Spring Fair at the NEC in early February 2011. The interest and popularity of the cards at the show persuaded us to bring forward their publication.

Old Hag, Hairy Ness, Ugley and Boobys Bay are here; so are Brownwilly, Pratt’s Bottom,Sandy Balls, and many others too rude to publish here.

Each has a dated historical map centred on the unfortunate place name and a grid reference should you want to visit it for yourself. The inside is blank for further insults, or explanations. There are 24 cards in this first series, with more series planned for later in 2011. They’ll bring a laugh out loud, a smirk or a grimace – either way, they’ll entertain and appeal to everyone. So now, when you send a greeting card, you can say what you really mean…