Map of the week – Rockfield

The use of the English name, Rockfield (near Monmouth), is first documented in 1566. However, it is believed that the name dates back to the 11th century, being derived from the French, Rocheville. The pre-Norman name for the settlement was Llanoronwy.

OS 1:2,500 County Series 1887

37 years ago, the band Queen started the New Year as they had left the previous year, at No. 1 with Bohemian Rhapsody. The song was taken from the album A Night at The Opera that had been recorded earlier in 1975.

The song and album were begun at the aptly named Rockfield Studios just outside the village of Rockfield, near Monmouth, and completed at four further recording studios across the country.

Rockfield Studios was started in 1963 by brothers Charles and Kingsley Ward who converted the outbuildings at the family home, Amberley Farm, into the world’s first residential recording studio.

The map shown is from 1887, and forms a small part of Cassini’s huge collection of  historical OS maps available for download or as gifts.

The studios continue to maintain their reputation as one of the foremost in the country and have an enviable list of returning musicians. What’s even better is that when not in use by musicians, the cottages are available to rent.

More maps at

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